Because Southern accents and French words don't always play nice. 

Vivian Howard
Credit: courtesy of Stacey Van Berkel

Vivian Howard grew up in Deep Run, North Carolina. Like so many of us, "y'all" is an MVP and "bye" is a three-syllable word. But rather than get discouraged when it comes to pronouncing tricky foreign words—in this case, "Le Creuset"— the PBS personality embraces her Southern roots and pokes fun at her accent.

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"For the longest time, I had such a crush on [these pots and pans], but I could never verbalize it because I didn't know how to say it and I was so afraid of sounding like a big old red-neck," Howard says in a hilarious video she filmed with the French cookware company. Watch below.

While we admire Howard for tackling French phonetics head on, we think we'll just stick to calling our Le Creuset "the big pot over there."