Journey to "Christ of the Abyss" on a virtual diving tour.
Christ in the Abyss Statue
Credit: designimpressario/Getty Images

As we've all adapted to the new normal of remaining safely at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we've been amazed by all the digital experiences to travel near and far without stepping foot outside. We've taken virtual museum tours around the world, hiked around national parks from our screens, and watched Andrea Bocelli sing from the Duomo of Milan. (We've also watched more TV than we typically do in a year. But, hey.)

Now, for the first time, we're taking our quarantine travels underwater. As we learned in a recent article from Apartment Therapy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is giving us all a chance to dive U.S. national marine sanctuaries through virtual simulations.

Among the offerings? A chance to suit up and visit the "Christ of the Abyss" statue located in the Key Largo Dry Docks Sanctuary Preservation Area of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. According to the NOAA's description, the nine-foot bronze statue is a beloved destination for snorkelers and divers, as it provides a close-up look at the many invertebrate sea animals that have attached to its surface. To take your 360° tour of the incredible space, click here.

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Whether you choose to spend your time with this underwater Jesus sculpture saying a prayer or simply marveling at the deep blue sea, this quick hit of the natural world is a much appreciated meditation for our stir-crazy souls. You can check out the rest of the virtual diving opportunities with NOAA on this site.

Even if you're not a snorkeler or diver, it's safe to say so many of us are looking forward to the magnificent time when we can all safely float, flutter, swim and gaze at the ocean whether on vacation or in our hometowns.