Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds without leaving the safety of your nest.  

By Meghan Overdeep
Baltimore Oriole in flight
Credit: pchoui/Getty Images

For avid birdwatchers, the COVID-19 crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time. Spring migration and all its dazzling plumage is at its peak in April through early May—while we’re sheltering in place. With many birding hotspots closed and organized outings canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, birders have been forced to hang up their binoculars.

Thankfully, the Atlanta Audubon Society (AAS) has come up with a solution, and everyone is invited!

“Since social distancing is throwing a kink in our Atlanta Audubon spring bird walks, we're bringing a walk to you via Facebook Live,” the non-profit environmental organization announced in a news release. “Join us on the Atlanta Audubon Facebook page each Friday at 9:00 a.m. EST, for a virtual bird walk with Atlanta Audubon staff and volunteer trip leaders as they explore their yards or nearby birdy patches and talk about what they're seeing.”

Highlights of last week’s walk include a preening osprey, a black-and-white warbler, and a nest of great blue herons.

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Anyone with Facebook can join in to watch AAS birders describe the birds they were seeing and hearing. You can even ask questions.

AAS plans to conduct these "Virtual Bird Walks" every Friday morning until they are able to resume in-person bird walks.  See you there!