By Melissa Locker
July 7, 2017
Hisham Ibrahim/Getty Images

When you’re enjoying the sand and sun at Virginia Beach, thanks to a new restaurant there’s no reason to interrupt the summer fun by heading inside to eat under fluorescent lights. The Yard at Ocean 27 is the first restaurant in Virginia Beach’s resort area to be fully outdoors (save for the kitchen, of course).

The Yard sits just off the Boardwalk at the Hyatt House at 27th Street, where the Dairy Queen used to be. It’s open concept dining has plenty of tables and chairs for eating as well as gliders for enjoying the ocean view. It’s prime location makes it easy to be building a sandcastle and spraying on sunblock one minute and then dining in style just a few minutes later.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, the outdoor restaurant is only possible thanks to a recent change in local law. In the past, oceanfront restaurants could only have outdoor seating if 80 percent or more of the restaurant’s seats were indoors. The city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau was so intrigued by the possibility of an all-outdoor restaurant that they went to the City Council to ask them to change the law and the City Council agreed.

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Now, hungry beachgoers don’t have to cut their trips to Virginia Beach short, just because it’s lunchtime. Instead, they can wander over to the café order a wood-fired pizza or a sandwich, ice cream, or a margarita and continue to enjoy the great outdoors while chowing down on great food. The Yard also has games like a giant Jenga and foosball and will put on live music performances making it easy to keep the kids entertained. And, of course, the best part about new boardwalk dining options is that if you eat too much at the restaurants, you can recuperate from your food coma while relaxing on the beach.

The City Council is hopeful that The Yard will soon be joined by other all-outdoor cafés to line the Boardwalk, giving visitors one more great reason to head to Virginia Beach.