From the initial knock to that "oh no you didn't" look from mama, we can't stop watching this wild clip!

By Meghan Overdeep
May 10, 2019
Twitter/Cat Cozzi

It started when Cat Cozzi's family dog started sniffing around the outdoor grill. When her mom's initial investigation ended with a scream, Cozzi grabbed her phone and a pair of tongs and went to see for herself.

"I opened it up and saw this family of eight! (one parent and seven babies). I didn't want to get attacked or disturb them, so I just closed the door and let them be," she explained on YouTube. "The possums still live in the grill."

Cozzi, a college student who lives south of Raleigh, posted the 18-second video of the encounter on Twitter. The short and almost comical clip begins with Cozzi announcing herself by knocking a few times on the grill's exterior, and it ends with her carefully sliding the marsupial family back into their home after receiving a horrifying look from the protective mama.

In less than a week, the now-viral video (below) has garnered more than 12 million views and has been covered by news outlets all over the world.

Cozzi admitted being scared at first to the Charlotte Observer.

"But after I saw there were babies, I thought it was really cute and I just wanted them to be protected and safe!" she explained. "I was a ‘possum advocate prior to finding them, so posting the video and getting the attention, I found a good way for a bigger audience to learn about ‘possums."

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What we learned is to always knock first when visiting a family of opossums!