Experts Agree: This South Carolina Man's Way Of Telling If There's A Shark In The Water Is 100% Accurate

This is too good, y'all!

Viral Trick for Detecting Sharks
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During a family vacation to Edisto Beach back in June 2018, Josh Rinder of Aiken shared a one-minute instructional video demonstrating his foolproof shark detection method.

Fiver years later, Rinder's trick still stands the test of time. Even the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has put its weight behind the hack, calling it a "great trick to detect nearby sharks."

In the Facebook video (below), Rinder stands at the ocean with a big spoon. It's the flavor of the water that's the key, he explains.

First, he says, you scoop up some of the water from the ocean. Then put it in your mouth, swish it around and spit it out, the same way you would at a wine tasting.

"If it tastes like salt, that means there's sharks in the water," he concludes.

Ba dum tss!

The Fedex driver's original intent for the parody clip was simply to amuse family and friends. He never expected it to bring in nearly four million views, upwards of 20,000 shares, and the attention of shark experts all over the world.

"I'm absolutely surprised at the reaction," Rinder told The Charlotte Observer shortly after the video first went viral. "I figured that my family and friends would get a kick out of it, but then it spread like wildfire."

Most people get a real kick out of the clip, though a few seem to have missed the joke.

"You have to check every time(?)...How will you know when the sharks have left?!" one person commented.

Another chimed in with a version of the trick for detecting gators.

"And it also works for checking for gators," she wrote. "If you are in Florida, if the water doesn't taste salty, there's a gator in that water."

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