Try not to drool.

By Meghan Overdeep
March 01, 2018
Credit: Youtube/Townsends

It doesn't get more vintage than this centuries old recipe for macaroni and cheese unearthed by John Townsend, a man dedicated to exploring the 18th Century lifestyle on his eponymous Youtube channel, Townsends. Which, by the way, might be our new favorite thing on the Internet.

Dressed in old world garb, Townsend regularly brings long-forgotten recipes back to life with a dedication to historical authenticity worthy of Colonial Williamsburg. Townsend's latest endeavor, an early take on macaroni and cheese called "Macaroni" from John Farley's 1784 book London Art Of Cookery, has our Southern hearts aflutter.

With nothing more than macaroni noodles, a gil (about a half of cup) of cream, heaps of parmesan, a ball of butter rolled in flour and a good old-fashioned open flame, Townsend makes a mouthwatering version of macaroni and cheese that would make any grandmother proud.

Check it out above! BRB off to the store for some parmesan.