"God has made it to my eyes that I should be grateful for being alive."

Bible Saved From Truck Fire
Credit: Facebook/Steven Gaut

It was two weeks before Christmas and Steven Gaut had just returned home from running errands. The single father was in the garage when his oldest son heard a car horn honking in front of their house in Vinita, Oklahoma. Looking out the window, his son saw that Gaut's truck—the family's only form of transportation—was in flames.

"By the time I got to the truck it was totally engulfed with flames," Gaut, who quickly called 911, recalled on Facebook. "My truck was parked two feet away from the house, if it wasn't for the horn blowing the house would've gone too."

Firefighters came to extinguish the fire, but not before the truck and its contents were destroyed, save for one special item: Gaut's Bible.

"The first thing I asked for was to see if my bible was OK," he told KJRH said.

By some kind of divine miracle, the Bible Gaut has had since he was 13 years old had survived the blaze. Its case was ruined, but the Bible inside was unharmed.

Fire officials believe someone threw a lit cigarette in the back of his truck while he was shopping, which caused the fire to start when he parked at home.

"God has made it to my eyes that I should be grateful for being alive," Gaut said.

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Though they're grateful, times have been hard for the family. Gaut said he is a single father of five and cares for another child during the summer.

A fundraiser on Facebook to help the Gaut family purchase a new car has currently raised nearly $4,000. Contribute here.