Spoilers within.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 11, 2019

We have a hard time peeling our eyes away from the screen whenever we're tuned into the ITV and PBS series Victoria.

With season 3 all wrapped up, we've been busy twiddling our thumbs, searching for other British dramas to check out, rewatching The Crown, and waiting for the Downton Abbey movie. Now, we've got one more thing to add to our "off-season" to-do list.

Thankfully, as Digital Spy recently shared, writer Daisy Goodwin is already hard at work on Victoria's next season. In comments to the press via Digital Spy, Goodwin said, "I am working on series four at the moment and that's going to be an absolute humdinger, because... well, you can go to Wikipedia to find out!"

She continued, "Somebody might die in it – spoiler! So, that is going be a great challenge and is going to be an amazing, really good story."

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If the fourth season is as filled with as many predicaments, marital issues, and politics as the previous three seasons, we are definitely in for a treat.