Family Asking for Birthday Cards for Oklahoma WII Vet Battling Cancer

All Recil Troxel wants for his 93rd birthday is mail.

Recil Troxel Birthday Cards
Photo: KSWO

Recil Troxel, 92, is obsessed with getting mail.

"He sits here in this chair looking out the window every day," his daughter, Liz Anderson, told KSWO. "When the mail is here, he's like the mail is here, we better go get the mail."

But unfortunately, the World War II veteran from Marlow, Oklahoma, doesn't get a whole lot of it these days.

"It's exciting when he gets it because he will sit there and hold it. Sometimes he won't open it for an hour or two," Anderson said. "At that age, if you get something in the mail, you're just excited because at that age you don't get bills anymore."

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Troxel, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, turns 93 in April. Knowing how much receiving mail means to him, his family decided to start celebrating early. And they're going to need some help.

This year, Troxel's family is asking people to send the aging veteran birthday cards. They explained to the local news station that they just want to see their patriarch happy.

"Anything that's an enjoyment to him, is an enjoyment to me," Anderson told KSWO.

If you'd like to send him a card, you can mail it to:

2684 North Highway 81

Marlow, Oklahoma 73055

Happy early birthday, Recil!

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