Take a Free Virtual Tour of the Vatican Museums—Including the Sistine Chapel

In the light of coronavirus pandemic, let beauty help soothe the soul.

As we all adjust to these unsettling times with the coronavirus pandemic, the simple lift of some beautiful imagery can be the difference between a meltdown and powering through the day. At the very least, it can be a quick boost or a welcome distraction as you navigate your day.

Once you're done touring dreamy Southern gardens, taking that online quilt class, and streaming feel-good shows and movies galore, may we suggest a spin around Vatican City? As we discovered through Good Housekeeping, Vatican City offers several online virtual tours allowing you to visit several of their landmark attractions including the Raphael Rooms painted by famous Italian Renaissance artist Raphael; the Chiaramonti Musuem with renowned sculptures, painting, and architecture; and the world famous Sistine Chapel, the official residence of the pope which showcases Michelangelo's celebrated ceiling frescoes. With easy-to-use navigational arrows and the ability to zoom in, you'll love being teleported to the calming beauty of architectural and artistic feats all around Vatican City. History buffs may also enjoy reading the biographical notes that accompany each site.

Though Italy is on national lockdown in light of the coronavirus crisis, you can still view the Vatican City livestream on YouTube here as you please 24/7, which also broadcasts Pope Francis' daily mass—a needed bit of salve for so many during these exceedingly difficult times. If you've got a few minutes, viewing these historic treasures or scoping out the livestream is a nice reminder of the bigger picture and society's ability to endure despite many centuries of unease and struggle before the current situation at hand.

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