Can we join?

Vanderbilt Football Players
Credit: Jamie Gilliam/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

This year's best sorority recruitment video comes from an unlikely source—the Vanderbilt University football team. The men on the Nashville-based team have just released a laugh-out-loud funny recruitment video called, "Vandy Football Sorority Recruitment Video 2017" and it will have you feeling nostalgic for your sorority sisters, even though it stars men clad in practice gear.

According to Teen Vogue, the video was uploaded by Sam Dobbs, a junior at Vanderbilt, who seems to have created it for a student-athlete banquet. He posted it to his YouTube channel on Monday and the response has been jaw-dropping. The video has already been watched over 280,000 times in just a few days and for good reason—it's hilarious. The clip features the VF Sorority (a.k.a. the Vanderbilt football team) having the absolute best time with each other as they try to lure potential recruits to come join the fun.

There's everything a sorority sister could want from their new home in the Greek system, including welcoming glitter parades, wacky hijinks, dance parties, deep conversation, and true (or at least true-ish) entreaties to join the sisterhood, all played out by the football team while an infectious tune soundtracks the fun. As anyone who has lived with 24 other women (or even just one sister) can attest, sometimes a bit of drama can pop up. The video shows that as well, when someone rudely eats another sister's pizza roll. Luckily, it is all resolved quickly, because they are truly sisters.