For many people, 10 straight days of triple digit temperatures will soon result in electricity bills that will land them in the red.
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Unfortunately, the extreme heat wave bringing record-setting, 100-plus-degree temperatures to northern Texas is showing no signs of relinquishing its hold on the Lone Star state.

The dangers of a hot spell of this magnitude are numerous, and while plenty of attention is being paid to the flood of power outages and heat-related emergency calls, a quieter, more insidious consequence is weighing heavy on the minds of Texas residents: electricity bills.

For many people, this high heat – 10 straight days of triple digit temperatures—will soon result in electricity bills that will land them in the red.

"If that paycheck is already accounted for before it comes to the door you can't handle situations like that," Ted Beechler, executive director of White Rock Center of Hope, told NBCDFW.

White Rock Center of Hope is a nonprofit in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that spends between $100,000 to $150,000 a year to help people cover rent and utility bills. Beechler told NBCDFW that the organization helps between 50 and 100 families every month. The summer months, unsurprisingly, are their busiest.

"When the temperature gets above 100, people get utility bills that they were not budgeting for and they need help," he said.

The White Rock Center of Hope is set up to assist people who live in five east Dallas area codes: 75214, 75218, 75223, 75228 and 75238.

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Allen Community Outreach, a non-profit that does similar work across much of Collin County, has reported an increase in the number of people needing assistance already.

"We anticipate utility assistance requests to continue to increase in the next couple of months as people get their utility bills for this very hot time period," Monty Moore, CEO of Allen Community Outreach, told NBCDFW.

For more information on utility assistance in Texas, check out and Reliant Energy's list of social service organizations that may be able to help.

Stay cool out there, y'all!