Top hats included.

By Meghan Overdeep
November 12, 2020

A group of Texas merrymakers is taking their show online amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Uptown Carolers have been delighting the Dallas metro with a capella versions of Christmas classics since 2013.  But, with COVID-19 set to vastly limit their reach this year, the quartet is adapting.

The singers—who perform in full Victorian garb—will be offering their voices virtually to those who cannot come hear them in a public outdoor space.

“We haven’t had any people to sing for, really,” Ryan McDonald, a singer in the group, told WFAA. “Not having people to sing for is tough for us so this is great when we get to do it virtually because it’s almost like what we were used to doing all the time that we definitely take for granted now.”

Ron Ethridge, another singer in the group, said virtual concerts ensure that those most-vulnerable to COVID-19 don’t miss out on Christmas spirit.

“It opens up opportunities for us to do some things for certain people, to go into their homes virtually and carol where we may not be able to,” Ethridge told WFAA.

Uptown Carolers’ repertoire includes almost any holiday, winter, or Christmas song imaginable. “From secular to sacred, serious to silly, and everything in between!” their website boasts.

To book a virtual concert, you can reach them at or via