Is it to late too go back to college?
UCF Lazy River
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As anyone who follows college football—or lives with someone who does—knows, recruiting the best athletes is a blood sport in the South. The University of Central Florida has a very unique idea for getting new student athletes to sign up with them—a water park.

The Orlando-based university is taking a page from their neighbors at Disney World, SeaWorld, and the Universal Orlando resort and hoping to install a so-called lazy river on their campus. The idea is to make joining the UCF Knights appealing to those athletes looking to play hard—and then relax just as hard.

The University just released an artist's rendering of the water park (its official title is the "athletics recovery cove") and it has everything that a Florida college student (or, say, visiting parent) could want for ultimate post-game relaxation. There's the brilliantly blue water of the artificial river, a miniature golf course, beach volleyball courts, and, naturally, a hot tub. The only thing it's missing is a spot to tailgate.

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The waterpark is meant to improve the Knights' facility "the best of its kind in collegiate athletics", according to UCF's website. If this thing gets built, it might certainly be in the running. As for whether this swanky new recovery cove will improve the Knights performance in the NCAA, that might depend on whether their student athletes can get themselves out of the lazy river and onto the playing field.