We dare you not to smile.

By Meghan Overdeep
December 04, 2017
University of Mobile Vocal Group
Credit: Marc Dupont Photography/Voices of Mobile

Nobody knows the secret to happiness, but Voices of Mobile, a 16-member vocal group from the University of Mobile, has the right idea.

The group performed at Abilene Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia, back in October, and their moving rendition of Kirk Franklin's 2015 gospel song "Wanna Be Happy?" not only brought the congregation to their feet, it's gone viral as well. With nearly 6 million views on Facebook, people of all faiths have found joy in the group's performance. Franklin himself even shared the video on his Facebook page.

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"The next time you're going through something, just look in the mirror and say these words here," the group's leader, 20-year-old sophomore Tyler Allen, tells the crowd at the start of the song.

From their catchy choreography to their contagious grins, we dare you to watch it and not crack a smile. And maybe leave a little inspired.