Oreo Thins are taking to the friendly skies.

By Meghan Overdeep
February 21, 2020

Bad news for fans of United Airlines’ Biscoff cookies.

Earlier this week, the airline announced its plan to ground the popular cookies as part of an update to its complimentary snack offerings. In their place, passengers will be invited to dine on Oreo Thins.

OK, so it’s not all bad news. In fact, the Biscoff cookies will only be gone temporarily. United spokesperson Andrea Hiller told Today that the sugary cookies are part of a rotation. While they are currently being rotated out for Oreo Thins, they have not permanently been removed from the carrier’s in-flight snack options.


"The point is to give people options,'' Hiller explained. "The stroopwafel is beloved by all, but the Biscoff cookies can be rotated back in. We just want people to understand they are on a rotation, and people are excited about the Oreos, too."

If you’re unfamiliar with Oreo Thins, they’re basically a skinnier, crunchier version of an Oreo. They have less cream and fewer calories and are about half the width of the original. They contain about 35 calories per cookie, compared to about 60 per Biscoff cookie.

According to Today, Oreo Thins will begin rolling out on United flights in March.