The vintage steam locomotive is traveling through the Mountain States this week and next.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 09, 2019
Gary Friedman/Getty Images

Everybody knows somebody who is a giant vintage train aficionado, dropping phrases like bend the rail, locomotive, and brass collar like it ain't no thing. Or how about that pal who booked their last vacation in a vintage American train car home?

Well, this week, we are all that crazy enthusiastic railroad fan, thanks to some very special occurrences with the Union Pacific's historic steam locomotive — Big Boy No. 4014 is hitting the tracks for a tour of the Mountain States. The special train was restored in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad's completion. The 1 million+ pound Big Boys were retired in 1959 when higher tech trains replaced the steam locomotive. On Saturday, May 4th, the restored train departed from Cheyenne, Wyoming on its celebratory ride and arrived in Ogden, Utah today, Thursday, May 9th. The train makes the return trip from Ogden to Cheyenne on Sunday, May 12th, arriving on Sunday, May 19th.

You can follow along with the train's adventures on Twitter and Facebook.

Get the full train schedule here. Watch a video about the restoration project below.

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Well, it's certainly safe to say that all this talk about train travel sure has us itching to book our next getaway on the wide open...railroad.