A glimmer of hope for a community in mourning.
Drew Pescaro Hospital Bed
Credit: Twitter/Drew Pescaro

Just two weeks ago students and faculty at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte faced the unthinkable terror of a gunman on campus. The shooter, a student himself, walked into a class room on April 30, sat for several minutes and then began firing at random at his fellow classmates. Four students were wounded and two were killed. And as the police have now told us, that number would have clearly been higher if not for the heroic actions of Riley Howell. The 21-year old rushed the shooter, knocking him off his feet, but Howell was fatally shot in the process. Reed Parlier, a 19-year-old from Midland, North Carolina also lost his life that day.

Now, the community is grieving, and the four living victims are fighting hard to heal—both physically and emotionally. But good news came this week from one of those four survivors. After two surgeries and two weeks in the hospital, 19-year-old Drew Pescaro of Apex, North Carolina, took to Twitter to announce that he is walking again, and he's doing it without assistance.

His post reads, "Update: Day 13. Took my first steps without a walker today so I felt the need to share with everyone. #CharlotteStrong #DrewsStrong"

Just the day before, he also shared a moving post over Twitter for Mother's Day. "I can't say enough about my Mom who has been supporting me through this whole process. So much time has been devoted towards getting me better and she has been at the head of it all. I love her very much."

We're guessing that seeing her son take those steps down the hall were all the gift she needed this year. But the good news continues for the Pescaro family. Just today he has updated again.

"Finally able to eat real food so I'm chowing down on my first meal in 15 days!!! A nice spread of grilled cheese, fries, pinapple, ice cream, a cookie, and sweet tea."

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We are wishing Drew and the other victims many more milestones forward on the road to recovery. And we hope that Drew gets a gallon of sweet tea pronto.