This St. Louis Restaurant Makes 33 Unique Flavors of Ranch

Be still our Southern hearts!

Twisted Ranch Flavors
Photo: Facebook/Twisted Ranch

Trust us when we say that ranch dressing-lovers are going to want to plan a pilgrimage to this St. Louis eatery ASAP.

And bring your bibs, because every single drool-worthy item on the menu at Twisted Ranch uses ranch in some way. Seriously. Chefs incorporate the restaurant's very own ranch seasoning and ranch flavors into every dish that comes out of the kitchen.

If that's not enough to get your taste buds going, they're currently whipping up 33 flavors of ranch in house daily, with varieties like cheesy bacon, curry yogurt, jalapeño popper, buttermilk basil, and a whole lot more. They're used as sauces for dipping and are incorporated into everything from sandwiches and stir-fries to drinks. We're particularly enamored with the fry flights, the biggest of which—the "Ranch this Country Flight 13 Basket"—features hand-cut, ranch-seasoned fries, along with your choice of 13 ranch flavors.

If you can't make your way to St. Louis, fear not. Co-founders Jim Hayden and Chad Allen recently teamed up with Kraft-Heinz to bring five of their most popular ranch flavors to grocery stores nationwide.

Black Peppered Parmesan, Cheesy Smoked Bacon, Garlic Smashed Buffalo, Honey Dipped Wasabi, and Mango Spiked Habanero are available in 13oz bottles for just $3.29 a piece. You can also buy them online at and

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"We opened our restaurant in 2015 because there's no food that can't taste even better with ranch … and not just basic ranch, but ranch in new, unexpected flavors," Hayden said in a news release.

We couldn't agree more!

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