Onwards and upriver!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 17, 2019
Tujague’s Sign
Credit: Courtesy of Latter Hospitality

When venturing around New Orleans, you likely come prepared with a hotly debated list of where to dine. Here's one French Quarter spot that should never be debated: Tujague's. First opened in 1856, the restaurant is known for its lively ambience and fixed-price Creole menu.

Now, as we recently learned from NOLA.com, the second oldest restaurant in New Orleans (Antoine's Restaurant claims the honor of the oldest in town) will be moving: Tugague's owner Mark Latter—who took over the restaurant from his father in 2013—told the news outlet that the restaurant will move a few blocks upriver on Decatur for financial reasons. The relocation is scheduled to happen in August 2020 since the new digs will undergo a renovation before opening and the current location is planning on staying open until the move.

As it turns out, this will mark the second move for the historic haunt, which moved a few doors down on Decatur to its current location in 1914. The relocation was no easy decision for the owner, who told NOLA.com, "I grew up there. I can remember being my own son's age, hanging out with the regulars here. But the fact is there just aren't that many people living in the French Quarter anymore to keep it the way people remember. If we're going to keep this around for the next generation, I had to do this."

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You can bet any French Quarter fortune teller we'll be headed to Tujgague's before August to raise a glass to the cherished venue and enjoy one more Sazerac toast at the bar. Here's to the next 160 years!