"Is it okay to have _______ in our carry-on?"

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 09, 2018
TSA at Airport
Credit: ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

Can you pack a disposable razor in your carry-on luggage? Your favorite foundation? Deodorant? If you're headed to the airport, you've likely wondered these questions and spent some time on the website of the Transportation Security Administration, most commonly known as TSA to find out.

In a new blog post on the top five items people ask about, TSA sets out to share what customers are must curious about. In no particular order here are the most popular inquiries: Razors, batteries, makeup, shampoo, and deodorant.

Happily, the kind folks behind the blog share the specific rules for each item, even instilling the article with a bit of humor, "For many, traveling with makeup is just as important as traveling with batteries. You've just gotta have it."

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While makeup, shampoo/conditioner, and deodorant are always allowed in your carry-on bag (for the two former items, the size restrictions are 3.4 ounces or less), the regulations for razors and batteries are a bit more involved.

Disposable (both one-piece razors and those with cartridge replacements) and electric razors are allowed in your carry-on bags, but safety razors are only allowed without the blade, which you can pack into a checked bag. Straight razors are allowed in checked bags only. For detailed information on batteries and what's allowed and prohibited, click here.

Now, our only question left is how are we going to get everything to fit into our carry-on bag?