This Lone Star locale has seen a 5.4% decrease in median home prices since last year.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 02, 2018
Sean Pavone/Getty Images

If you're considering buying a new home in Texas this year, you may able to save big in San Antonio. As Apartment Therapy revealed in a recent article, real estate site Trulia has found that the median home price in San Antonio is down to $269,499, a 5.4% decrease since 2017. The Trulia report also found that the Austin median home price has decreased 3.4% since last year and now clocks in at $336,995.

So what attributes for the price ticking downwards in San Antonio? "This is largely due to two factors: Newly-constructed starter homes have come onto the market at a better price and the amount of available jobs has grown by 4.2% year over year, despite wages falling 2.6% from last year," writes Tim Latterner in the Apartment Therapy piece. "This stellar economic outlook has also increased value for current homeowners: Home values have raised by 9.4% in the city, putting San Antonio a solid 8% above the national average."

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