Our estimate was so low!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 19, 2018
Courtesy Walt Disney World

Indeed, there are many mysteries of Disney World. Can you find all the hidden Mickeys? What's the best seat on Splash Mountain? Are the spires on Cinderella's Castle detachable?

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Well, a few days ago, Disney World posted a photo and posed a question on instagram that really got our wheels turning: How many animals are carved into the Tree of Life? As a Disney rep confirmed to Southern Living the correct answer is...

325 animals! You may not be able to count them all without losing track, but the special attraction is a must-stop for Disney World visitors. Located in Animal Kingdom, the famed tree "awakens" each evening. As the Disney World website describes the enchanted timber, "After night falls, pay special attention to the Tree of Life at the center of Disney's Animal Kingdom park. Approximately every 10 minutes, flickering fireflies magically appear and stir to life the wondrous animals spirits carved into the tree's towering trunk—bringing to light a stunning visual swarming with vivid color and animated imagery."

Be right back, plotting our next post-sunset adventure in the Most Magical Place on Earth.