Karma has been good to Travis Rudolph.

Travis Rudolph FSU Wide Receiver
Credit: Leah Paske

Karma has been good to Travis Rudolph. Today reports that the Florida State wide receiver, who made national headlines last year after a photo of him having lunch with a Tallahassee middle schooler who was sitting alone went viral, recently signed on as an undrafted free agent with the New York Giants.

Rudolph reportedly made the deal over the weekend, while spending time with his friends and family. The little boy from the middle school, 12-year-old Bo Paske, who has autism, and his mother were among them.

"We're all super excited for him," Bo's mom, Leah Paske, told Today. "We spent Saturday waiting and hanging out and being with everyone. And then when we got the news that evening, we were there for the celebration as well."

In the caption of the photo she shared on Facebook back in August, Paske told Rudolph he had earned two new "fans for life" in herself and Bo—and she wasn't joking.

Paske met Rudolph's parents shortly after their son ate lunch with Bo. In the months that followed, the two families became close. Paske says she and Rudolph's mom Linda still talk a few times a week.

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"I could see immediately where Travis got his character and his personality and values from," she said. "They're just genuine and authentic and loving people."

As for Bo, he's says he's "absolutely" still Rudolph's number one fan.