How come we didn't think of this nine cell phone chargers ago?
iPhone Charging
Credit: Poravute/Getty Images

Once upon a time, in a hotel room not long ago, we dutifully checked the closet to make sure our belongings had been gathered. We did a sweep of the bathroom vanity. We left no drawer unopened and triple-checked the desk. Satisfied with our pre-checkout room inspection, we went merrily along with our day. Yet, lurking in a forgotten corner by our bed — unbeknownst to us — our cell phone charger remained, plugged into a forlorn outlet.

Sound familiar? Many of us have left behind a phone charger (or even laptop charger) in our hotel room, vacation rental, or Airbnb. But PureWow has an easy trick to ensure that never happens again, and we're ready to give it a whirl.

Next time you settle into your home-away-from-home, place your suitcase near a wall outlet. When you plug in your cell phone charger, snake the cord through one of the rungs of your bag's handles. Keep this setup for your entire stay, and when you're ready to pack up, you'll immediately notice your phone charger and pack it up for safekeeping.

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Now that we've filed this smart travel pointer away, if only squeezing an entire's week worth of outfits into one carry-on were this easy. Oh wait, it is.