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Trading Spaces
Credit: Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images

Ready, set, swap! Trading Spaces, the reality show that lets you finally redesign your neighbor's sad beige living room, is back—and it's looking for stars.

TLC's home-swapping reality show, which lets friends remodel one room in a house with the help of an interior designer and a carpenter, was on the air for eight years, from 2000-2008. The show was a hit for TLC, as fans tuned in each week to see what wild ideas the rotating cast of interior designers would come up with to turn a living room from drab to fab and, occasionally, to downright insane, resulting in some memorable room reveals. (People has a great video of some of the worst reveals in the show's history.)

In March, TLC announced that the show was getting rebooted, but before the re-tooled show can hit the air, it needs to find homeowners who are willing to swap keys and paint-swatch powers with a design-savvy friend. However, there's one caveat–they must swap with a neighbor. "To be a part of the show you must be neighbors," says the casting call on TLC's website. "If you live across the street from each other that's good, but next-door neighbors are even better!"

The casting call also notes that prospective house swappers can't simply be good neighbors, but should be good friends, too. That makes it more fun when they have to stop and think whether their good friend would really appreciate having their walls covered entirely in hay, like what happened on one memorable Trading Spaces episode.

And as with any reality show, it's important to have a good attitude. "You've gotta be ready to have a blast with our Trading Spaces designers as they transform your home," says the announcement.

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Trading Spaces arguably helped spawn all the home design shows we love like Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and Flip or Flop. And while HGTV clearly dominates the home design television world right now, TLC is re-booting the beloved show. It's expected to back on the air in 2018, ten years after the original series ended.