What you need to know about Trader Joe's return policy.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 12, 2019
Trader Joe's Exterior
Credit: John Greim/Getty Images

Have you ever been at Trader Joe's and see the person in front of you "returning" a bag of pears, even though those pears are nowhere to be seen?

How do they do it? Did you simply miss them handing over the fruit? Or, gasp, did this kind grocery store cashier simply trust them that all seven of those D'Anjou pears were indeed sub-par and worthy of a full reimbursement?

You're not dreaming. Customer John or Jane right next to you at Cashier #19 likely didn't lug along the green-skinned crop to get his or her supermarket spending back. At Trader Joe's, their liberal refund policy is part of what keeps customers so loyal.

As the popular site, Club Trader Joe's (which isn't affiliated with the company) explains, "[i]f you are unsatisfied with anything you buy there for whatever reason, they will give you a refund at the cash register no question asked. Period." Of course, it's likely better to bring back the defective product if you have it on hand, but if you already tossed it, you can still get your money back by informing your cashier.

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Well, this is certainly good to know for our next trip to Trader Joe's. Not that we've returned an entire bag of pears because of two duds, or anything, of course.