The Alabama Theatre has been transformed into a branch of the beloved grocery store.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 24, 2019
Trader Joe's Flowers
Credit: krblokhin/Getty Images

Your usual trip to Trader Joe's is exciting, sure, but that's likely because of the stellar snacks and tasty Southern staples you're looking forward to picking up.

At the Trader Joe's on South Shepherd Drive in Houston, Texas, however, enthusiasts of the popular grocery store can brace themselves for a unique experience. As Delish originally reported, this Houston Trader Joe's location is housed in what was once the Alabama Theatre, an Art Deco and Streamline Moderne structure built in 1939.

"The building was a working movie theater until 1983, after which it lived a couple lives as different bookstores before becoming a Trader Joe's in 2012," writes Sarah Weinberg for Delish. "The outside barely changed, save for some tweaks like energy-efficient LED lights on the marquee, since the theater is protected by the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission. And inside, you'll still find the massive original ceiling medallion. Crews spent more than 1,000 hours refurbishing it."

Even though it's now a supermarket, Trader Joe's is careful to show respect to the space's historic roots: Artists work in the former mezzanine level of the theater to design TJ's store signs and the outpost also features a foam truck that's an homage to the annual Houston Art Car Parade.

Check out photos of the South Shepherd Drive Trader Joe's below.

Bummed your personal Trader Joe's isn't an Art Deco mecca? We're with you, and consoling ourselves with these Trader Joe's party-ready appetizers.

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So who would like to join on us a little grocery store shopping excursion and special field trip to Houston — Alabama Theatre-style?