5 United Kingdom Landmarks You Can Tour From Home

From Buckingham Palace virtual tours to 360° tours of Stonehenge, check out some of the marvels of the U.K. from afar.

With coronavirus completely halting our ability to travel as we all remain safely at home, we're grateful for the internet helping us travel to some incredible destinations from afar. We've taken a virtual whirl around Southern botanical gardens. We've streamed Broadway shows from NYC and beyond from our couches. We've e-hiked our way along the Grand Canyon.

Now, we're happy to learn via a recent article on Lonely Planet of all the things we can remotely tour in the United Kingdom amidst the coronavirus crisis. Here are five of our favorite spots to check out:

1. The Giant's Causeway

This collection of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns is perhaps best captured by Paul Theroux in his 1983 book The Kingdom by the Sea, "...for how could [the Irish] stand amid all this towering beauty and not feel puny?" It may not be an exact substitute for standing before such grandeur (pictured above), but you can take several virtual tours through the environmental and heritage conservation the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty here.

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
Peter Unger / Getty Images

2. Buckingham Palace

Treat yourself to an afternoon at the Queen's official residence with virtual tours offered through the royal family's official website. As you explore spaces like the throne room or grand staircase, you can click the "i" icons for more information.

3. Abbey Road Studios

You can head over to the famous spot where the Beatles photographed the cover of their album Abbey Road and then explore the music studios. Watch the video above and learn more about the collaboration between Google and Abbey Road here.

4. Stonehenge

What a marvelous site to see, even if it's only through the screen. Take the 360° tour, from the English Heritage non-profit group, of the famous prehistoric standing stones in Wiltshire, England. Oh, how we can't wait to see it with our two eyes firsthand.

5. York Minister

Enjoy another 360° virtual tour, from website York 360°, this time of a cathedral that dates back to 637 AD in York, England. The stained glass windows are just glorious.

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