We didn't think it was possible to love Tom Hanks any more!

By Meghan Overdeep
February 15, 2018

When Kristen Jerkins and Joe Dobrin invited Tom Hanks (yes, THE Tom Hanks) to their wedding, the Nashville couple knew it was a long shot. But Jerkins, a self-professed Hanks super fan, couldn't resist inviting one of her favorite people in the world to her big day.

Not only did the two-time Oscar winner receive their wedding invite, he also responded. Earlier this week a star struck Jerkins shared a picture of the actor's typewritten regrets and a signed photo of himself that accompanied it.

"Here is a picture taken of me while I ponder if there is any (SIC) way I can make it to your wedding," Hanks wrote.

"Dang it, but I am in rehearsals for a play here in Los Angeles starting in May," the note continued. "Rats. Gotta send regrets."

Hanks also invited them to come see the play in June, before concluding with his well wishes. "Congratulations you kooky kids."

"Don't mind me, I'm currently over here LOSING IT," Jerkins wrote on Facebook.

We're losing it too, Kristen!