"Y'all this is a miracle."

Toffee Deaf Puppy Rescue
Credit: Facebook/A New Leash on Life

It was an ordeal for all involved. From Thursday evening until early Saturday morning—31 excruciating hours—rescuers labored to save Toffee, a seven-week-old deaf and partially-blind puppy, from the bottom of a 50-foot hole in Huntsville, Alabama.

The assembled crowd erupted when she was finally pulled out of the rocky crevice just after midnight.

"Y'all this is a miracle. So many people have been sending me texts saying they're praying. I'm just so thankful to everybody that came. It's been an outpouring of kindness and sweetness," Toffee's foster told WHNT.

Toffee, a snow-white Australian Shepherd mix, has now been saved twice in her young life. She and her siblings were recently rescued by A New Leash on Life, a Huntsville rescue organization. Toffee, whose eyes are barely open due to her young age, was playing with her foster family when she fell into the extremely narrow hole on their property.

Crews kept her fed and hydrated and had eyes on her the whole time. But their efforts were complicated by her disability and the inches-wide gap she'd slipped into.

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Hearing of her plight, volunteers poured in from across the area. In the end, it was a group of volunteer firefighters from Paint Rock whose noose maneuver (and sardines) ultimately rescued the sweet pup, AL.com reports

The dramatic situation attracted national media attention, and the moment when Toffee miraculously emerged, uninjured, and with her tail wagging, was shared for all to see on Facebook.

Now if that's not a heartwarming "tail," we don't know what is!