"You can do it, Dada! You can do it!"
The Dad Vlog
Credit: D'Anthony Ward

At the ripe old age of two, one Georgia youngster already has the makings of professional motivational speaker.

What might be the most adorable pep-talk in history transpired last month when D'Anthony Ward took his son Taj to a park in Lawrenceville. The idea was to give the energetic toddler some space to run and play while their family was in the middle of a move.

"He loves to climb on things and as soon as he got to the playground climbing wall, he got up there and wanted me up there," Ward recalled to Today. "I was like, 'I am a little too old.'"

Taj, reading his excuses as fear, began to encourage his dad. As the earnest pep-talk continued, Ward, a Dad Vlogger, started filming.

“You can do it, Dada! You can do it," Taj says in the now-viral video.

"I can't. I'm too big," Ward replied.

"You can do it! You put your foot right here," Taj countered. "Climb to me!"

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"It's how I talk to him. I’ll say, "Come on, you can do it,'" Ward explained to Today. "He repeats everything he hears from me. Those lines are exactly what I say to him."

Ward said he's happy the video resonated with so many people.

“I like the narrative of it all. It’s a sense of representation and pride in being a dad, especially for me," he added. "I like to put these videos in story mode in digestible small pieces that are entertaining so people can absorb the story."