Most little girls' birthday parties are decked out in Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, or Belle, but 2-year-old Elisa Lewis opted for Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia instead.

Her genius theme stole our hearts—and we're stealing her party idea.

Elisa's mom Jessica Lewis decided to throw a Golden Girls-themed party for her Elisa's second birthday, Huffington Post reports. While Elisa isn't quite old enough to appreciate the jokes, her mom truly believes that she appreciates the show. "I would watch them every time I nursed her so I think the sounds of their voices and that iconic theme song comforted her," Lewis says. "In fact, the only way I could often calm her down would be singing the theme song for her or playing an episode from our DVR." To be honest, the same thing works for us after a long day at work.

From the invitations to the food, Lewis made sure that her daughter's party was a Golden Girls extravaganza. There was pizza that was "Better Than Mama Celeste's", photos of Rose and Blanche, a mint green and pale pink color scheme, and 80s art work with the words, "Thank you for being a friend" scrawled across it. Naturally, there was a cheesecake outfitted with birthday candles, too. The only thing missing was every single man in Blanche's little black book

For the party, Elisa wore a t-shirt that said, "Shady Pines, Ma!" in tribute to Dorothy and Sophia.

While the little girl isn't quite old enough to retire to Florida, her mom thinks she has a lot in common with the Golden Girls matriarch. "Elisa is loving, feisty, knows what she wants, whimsical, and funny!" Lewis says. "She is quite like Sophia Petrillo herself. I always say she is like a little old lady."

While little Elisa's party isn't traditional, it sure is a lot of fun, which is exactly what her mom wanted: "If your child loves something, no matter how random it is, it should be celebrated."