Duds no more!
Credit: Vesna Jovanovic / EyeEm/Getty Images

To select a wonderfully sweet peach, follow this largely unknown piece of advice: Look for light speckling.

As it turns out, light speckling on the skin can indicate a higher sugar content on the inside, meaning you'll be rewarded with a sweeter peach from first bite to pit, according to Katy Green, produce field inspector at Whole Foods Market, as she explained in a recent article on SELF.

"First and foremost, look for color as an indicator of maturity," Green said. When you're picking out a peach, make sure it doesn't have more than a little bit of green on the shoulders and the peach maintains an even blush coloring everywhere else. "Most varieties, including popular white and yellow peaches, will fall into these basic parameters," she notes.

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Additionally, Green advises you look for peaches around the size of a baseball — peaches that are on the small or large-side may throw off the sugar-to-acid balance in the peach and result in a lackluster fruit.

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