If you're selling you're home, avoid this mistake in your photos.
Illuminated white home showcase exterior at night
Credit: Hoxton/Martin Barraud/Getty Images

Trying to sell your home? Here are seven projects that will help sell your home faster. Your neighbor probably has some thoughts too. And your co-workers. And then there's your hubby's crazy ideas about spiffing up the basement. But did you know one obvious, but oft overlooked, move could be sabotaging your home's likelihood of selling for top dollar?

Ladies and gentlemen: Having the family dog or cat in your home's listing photos could be a huge turn-off for some potential buyers and prevent you from getting the best price for your digs. As Apartment Therapy recently shared, many people associate pets with funky smells, impossible-to-remove stains, and general home damage.

"As you prep your home to sell, your mission is to attract the widest pool of qualified buyers," realtor Dana Bull told Apartment Therapy. "While some of your prospects may be pet people, I can guarantee that a good number of them are not."

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We know. We know. Not only are you trying to sell the home your beloved cat or pup grew up in, but now you have to break this bummer to them. Something tells us they won't mind when you come out ahead and with a bigger budget for pet treats.