Duly noted.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 11, 2018

We love the no-frills shopping experience at Aldi, and we especially love that we can shop for organic food without putting a massive dent in our wallet. But the Cheat Sheet recently put together a guide on things you should never buy at Aldi, and we couldn't agree with one edict more: Don't buy name-brand products at Aldi.

"Private label products are Aldi's bread and butter. You might not be able to get a name-brand bottle of ketchup, soda, or pasta sauce, but you can get a similar item sold under one of the store's house brands for a lot less," explains author Megan Elliott. "Yet Aldi does sell a smattering of recognizable national brands in its 1,600 stores across the U.S. That makes things convenient for shoppers, but it won't necessarily save you money."

You may be lured to pick up a box or can of your go-to brand label, but stick to their generic products. In all likelihood, you'll overpay, and Aldi makes an equally taste house-brand alternative. As the article notes, in blind taste tests,"many Aldi items match or even surpass national brands." More money in our piggy bank and a more delicous snack? We're sold.