This is way too cute y'all!
Timothy Fiona the Hippo Suitor
Credit: San Antonio Zoo

Fiona the Hippo has a suitor!

On Thursday, San Antonio Zoo's very own bachelor hippopotamus professed his love to the world's most famous hippo via a sweet Facebook post.

"Dear Fiona, My name is Timothy. I recently moved out of my mom's house to San Antonio and currently live with my grandma, Uma who I love very much," the letter begins. "My grandpa, Tumbo was a cover model for National Geographic magazine. Grandma says that's where I get my great looks."

Fiona, who lives in Cincinnati with her mother, celebrated her first birthday in January. Since a harrowing premature birth, the rambunctious calf has captivated the world with her adorable antics. Apparently she also caught the eye of two-year-old Timothy at home in his tank, more than 1,200 miles away.

The letter continues: "Anyhoo, I have seen your pictures and videos on the internet at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and I think you are the most beautiful hippopotamus I have ever seen. Perhaps we can meet someday and be boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"I am single and available. I hope you #HippoSwipeRight #TeamFiona," Timothy concludes with an obligatory Tinder reference.

WATCH Fiona the Baby Hippo Gets Her First Taste of Snow:

The world waited with baited breath for Fiona to respond. Finally, earlier today, she sent her response via the adults behind Cincinnati Zoo's Twitter account. (She's still young, y'all!)

"Fiona thinks you're cute too, but it's what's on the inside that counts! Your DNA will decide if you're the one for our little diva," the zoo tweeted. "Any potential mate would have to be ok w/ taking a back seat. Are you ok w/paparazzi? Most importantly, are you willing to relocate to Cincinnati?"

That sounds like a pretty definite maybe!

Timothy, if things don't work out with Fiona, might we suggest reached out to Winnie at the Memphis Zoo? That way you can stay in the South. Good luck out there buddy!