Tim McGraw Surprises Health Care Workers on Frontlines of Coronavirus Crisis by Crashing Their Video Meeting

The country superstar dropped in on their virtual conference call to express his gratitude and perform his new song, "I Called Mama."

Tim McGraw Visits "Extra"
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If you're anything like us, you've been streaming Spotify on overtime during the long months of hunkering down at home, with plenty of Dolly Parton tunes and more than a few podcasts. (In need of a new favorite? Check out our Biscuits & Jam series.)

Now, we've got one more reason to hit play on the popular streaming platform: In a new episode of The Drop-In, country crooner Tim McGraw surprised health care workers working on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis at Virtua Health in New Jersey.

"I just wanted to thank you guys for tall the work you're doing, on behalf of my family. I know some of you guys are off right now and calling in and wondering why I'm having to call in on a day off. Hopefully I'm not messing it up too much," says McGraw. "Most importantly to me, it's an inspiration to my daughters and as they go out into the world, they can see what you guys do and that's one of the bright lights I think that through all this is being to see how much people care, how hard people work, how selfless people can be, especially you guys, our frontline workers who put their lives on the line to take care of people. You give our kids something to emulate as they go forward in life," he continues, visibly moved by these professionals' dedication to their work.

During the six-minute clip, the health care workers also get candid about the difficult experience of being away from loved ones during the pandemic and living on edge about getting people in their households sick. Keeping things light, one staffer jokes, that they're always staying "humble and kind" like McGraw's hit single suggests. During the meeting, the country singer also performs a shortened version of his new song "I Called Mama."

Watch the full video here.

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We're so glad the Louisiana native could bring a bit of joy to these heroes' days. We're looking forward to the time when it's safe to thank all these brave men and women the Southern way—in-person with a hug and plenty of home-cooked food.

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