"I mean every now and then, I'll go over the limit and do something stupid."
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If Faith Hill and Tim McGraw told us the secret to their beautiful marriage is eating toast with almond butter for breakfast every day, we'd probably consider it. But they may have very well let us in one of their real-life blueprints for marital bliss: Having a practical policy when it comes to exchanging gifts. As many couples know, picking out a perfect gift for your spouse can be a big stressor. And the actual gift opening can be a pressure-filled event if one partner outdoes the other or the gift doesn't live up to expectations. Of course, the financial burdens of purchasing gifts can be stressful, too.

All of this is why Tim McGraw and Faith Hill instituted a holiday-and-birthday gift exchange policy in their household to help make gift exchanges more fun and less stress-provoking. On a recent virtual appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! in promotion of his new album Here on Earth, the country singer explained the couple's gifting guidelines. Prompted by host Jimmy Kimmel mentioning it was Hill's birthday on Monday, September 21, McGraw explains that while the couple has gotten each other extravagant gifts over the years, it's no easy feat to come up with great gift ideas, so a while back they made a change: "A couple of years ago we decided that what we're gonna do is we’re only going to spend a hundred dollars each for Christmases or birthdays," shared McGraw. "I mean every now and then, I'll go over the limit and do something stupid. But for the most part, for the last four or five years, we've tried to stick to a hundred bucks each to give gifts," he continued, adding that he gifted her roses to mark her trip around the sun this year. Watch the full clip below.

We think we're taking this idea right out of the McGraw-Hill household's playbook for family, friends, and spouses alike. What about you? Do you have any strategies to make gifting with loved ones a better experience?