We're all ears...and taking notes.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 25, 2019
Tim McGraw and Cowboy Hat
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Some people seem born with a natural talent to do it all. Tim McGraw seems to be born with a talent to do it all and then some more. The celebrated country singer and actor sure has an aptitude for his craft, but you may wonder how he hones his skill.

Well, in a new interview with Kix Brooks on American Country Countdown, the star opened up about some of his tricks of the trade. "You know, if we're at a restaurant or if I'm walking around with my daughters and they're shopping and I find a bench to sit on, I'm always watching people trying to figure out their story or try to make up a scenario that's going on," McGraw shared in the interview. "I think that's part of the creative process, and I think that also helps me as an artist, helps me as an actor, is to put those scenarios together and sort of create this world that you see."

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Of course, being a careful observer of life can help you in many realms, whether it's improving a relationship or writing a novel. Wherever you go, there you are — and bring a notebook.