"I'm glad somebody's enjoying it!"

Much of the South has been blanketed with snow these past few days and celebrities are marveling at the extreme weather just like the rest of us. Time to grab your snow shovel, get the driveway cleared, and then curl up with a hot cocoa and a warming fire (or a crackling fireplace background video on Netflix or YouTube).

One of our favorite examples of such amazement at the inclement weather? Country star Tim McGraw...and a bunch of turkeys that appear to be as happy as, well, clams. "These turkeys love the ice," he narrates the short video clip of the turkeys frolicking around his property (The scene takes place in the Nashville area, as far as we can tell.) "I'm glad somebody's enjoying it!" In the short video, we also hear a dog barking in the background, so we're guessing the family's four-legged companion was intrigued by the spectacle as well. We hope McGraw's wife, Faith Hill, got to enjoy the view, too. Watch the video below.

Fans chimed in in the comments section of the post with thoughts ranging from the humorous ("Wild Turkey on ice is nice!" and "feed them") to the impressed ("Wow!!! My nephews would go crazy" and "[the turkeys are] so awesome to watch!"). One commenter even included a bit of practical advice, saying, "We have 7 that visit us pretty much every day as they wander [through] the neighborhood. [They] love what falls from our bird feeders. Stay warm!" Perhaps it's time to install a few bird feeders, Mr. McGraw?

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