Tim McGraw Falls Off Stage, Uses It As Meet And Greet With Fans

Way to take lemons and make lemonade, Tim.

Tim McGraw 2022
Photo: Michael Hickey / Contributor/Getty Images

There's no denying the fact that Tim McGraw loves his fans. The country star is so dedicated to his fanbase that when he took a tumble off the stage during a recent concert, he used it as an opportunity to dole out some hugs.

McGraw was performing at the Boots in the Park festival in Tempe, Arizona, over the weekend. At one point in the show, he knelt down at the edge of the stage. Despite his intensive workouts prepping for his role in 1883, McGraw couldn't quite make it back up to his feet (some fans blamed his tight jeans). Instead, he stumbled as he stood up from his kneeling position and fell right off the stage. Luckily his security team was there to catch him and he seemed unharmed by the incident.

Never one to miss a chance to get up close and personal with his fans, when McGraw did find himself down in the crowd, he climbed up on a barrier and started saying hello to fans. He hugged those lucky enough to be nearby. It was a silver lining for both the artist and the people there to see him play—and to sing along to "I Like It, I Love It".McGraw is not the first country singer to take a tumble on stage. As Taste of Country pointed out, fellow tight jean-enthusiast Luke Bryan has had so many trips and tumbles on stage "that it's practically a running joke with fans."

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