"Faith does all the cooking for Thanksgiving."
ACMs Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Red Carpet
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2017 / Contributor / Getty Images

There aren't too many cooks in the kitchen come Thanksgiving in the McGraw-Hill residence.

As we learned in a recent audio interview with Tim McGraw's record label, Big Machine Label Group, McGraw knows that the November holiday is a time for him to step aside and let his wife, Faith Hill, work her magic. “For Thanksgiving, I don’t cook. Faith does all the cooking for Thanksgiving," he says. "We have to have turkey, we have to have our stuffing, and we have to have cornbread and peas, of course.”

But just because he's steering clear of the cutting board doesn't mean he's not a talented cook. In fact, when the duo were on tour together in the '90s, McGraw wooed her with his homemade chicken and dumplings.

"We were touring together. I didn't know her too well, but she lived right down the road from me and I made some chicken and dumplings. I thought, you know, I'll take some chicken and dumplings and some cornbread down to Faith Hill and see how that works," McGraw shared in a 2019 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. After that, it was all leftovers and history, as they say.

And McGraw isn't a one-trick pony, in the catch-up with his record label, McGraw also revealed that he makes a “pretty dang good country fried steak.” Despite his talents in the kitchen, McGraw certainly strikes us as the kind of man who knows to stay in his lane when his wife has taken the reins. (And handle cleanup duty when it's all over.)

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We can't help but wonder, though, who's got Christmas dinner? Whoever runs the show for that, we sure hope some of those famous chicken and dumplings make an appearance.