She might be young, but she's already picked her ride-or-die team. 
A Three-Year Old Gave the Tennessee Predators A Truly Inspiring Pep Talk
Credit: Twitter/@reaganmandile

Wrigley Mandile was born a fan of the Nashville Predators and at just 3-years old she has proven her allegiance to the hockey team with an incredibly inspiring—and adorable—pep talk.

Mandile has been attending Predators games since she was just three months old and, over the course of her three years on earth, has developed some deep feelings for the team. When the Predators lost the championship series to the Penguins, just missing the chance to bring home the Stanley Cup for the first time in the franchise's history, Mandile wanted to reach out and comfort the players.

The adorable tot put on her tiny Predators jersey and matching hairbow and made a video for her mom to post on Twitter. "Hi Preds. I'm sorry you didn't win," Wrigley says in the video message. "I know you're sad, I'm sad too. But you shouldn't be sad, because you did great!"

Mandile told the team that she couldn't wait for the next season and added with a special message to her NHL team: "I'm so proud of you!"

Mandile's fandom runs so deep because in some way she is alive because of the team. Her dad, Steve Mandile, is the lead singer of the house band that takes over the Predators' Jumbotron in between periods during the hockey team's home games, according to The Tennessean. Her mom, Reagan, is a season ticket holder who kept seeing the handsome singer when she came out to support the team and slowly fell in love with him. Reagan worked up the nerve to send the singer a Facebook message in 2010, a year later they were married, and in 2013 baby Wrigley joined the family—and the Nashville Predators fandom.

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