Thomas Rhett Is Going to Miss Being a Stay-at-Home Dad When He Returns to the Road

Even though he's now seen Frozen 2 "not exaggerating, probably 350 times," it'll be tough for the country singer to leave his kids and wife after so much time at home.

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Life has certainly changed in the Rhett-Atkins household in recent months as the coronavirus crisis upended the touring schedule of performing artists worldwide. But in the midst of much sadness and uncertainty, Thomas Rhett has found some upsides to the difficult situation: Spending more quality time with his wife, Lauren Akins, and his three daughters, Willa Gray, Ada James, and Lennon Love.

Of course, this downtime hasn't been without some groan-worthy accouterments of parenthood. "I've seen Frozen 2, not exaggerating, probably 350 times since February," Rhett told CMT Radio with Cody Alan in a July catch-up. "I like the movie now I've seen it so much," he added.

Other than Disney movies, there's been plenty more swirling around Rhett's mind. "I'm ready for a break, for sure," he confessed, when asked if he's antsing to get back to touring, but he also reflected on how special this period at home has been. "I think when next summer rolls around we get back on the road it's going to be really tough to leave because I think my kids got so used to me being Dad on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and not on the weekends. And so now that I'm here 24/7, seven days a week, they're gonna be like, 'What? You work? You have a job?' And so it'll be different, but they'll be so much older then that it'll be so fun to take them on the road and I think they'll just appreciate that much more."

As much as he joked about being raring to go, it's clear Rhett has truly cherished all of these memories he's had the chance to make with his family in recent months.

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Believe us when we say we can't wait to see you back on the road, too, Mr. Rhett. But until it's safe to do so, we'll be spinning Life Changes on repeat and doing our best to savor this time at home, too.

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