And she made a surprise appearance onstage. 
Willa Gray and Thomas Rhett
Credit: Instagram

Country star Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins brought their daughter Willa Gray out on the road for the first time this past weekend, after officially welcoming her into their home earlier this month. To the delight of concertgoers in Mississippi, he introduced Willa Gray with a special onstage appearance. Rhett shared a photo of the moment saying it was "the coolest thing ever."

In the video below, which Rhett shared on Instagram, you can see her watching from side stage, and appearing in Rhett's arms onstage.

Lauren also shared a photo of baby Willa on Instagram captioning the photo "despite her confused look, I think she really loved her first weekend on the road (& daddy took her on stage!! -soo cute)".

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The family seems to be adapting well to being a family of three, and they will soon become a family of four as Lauren is due to give birth to another daughter this August.