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Amazon FDW Portable Mini Greenhouse

Ready to get your green thumb on this summer but could use some extra help? Then you may want to consider buying the FDW Portable Mini Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse, now selling for only $39.99 on Amazon Prime.

As Apartment Therapy originally reported, this handy greenhouse can be a real boon when it comes to upping your gardening game. "You can grow plants that wouldn't normally grow in your area, start seeds much earlier in the season than you would out in your yard, and use them to keep plants alive during harsh winters," writes Elizabeth Enteman, noting that it's important to master monitoring temperature and humidity levels in your greenhouse to ensure your plants grow properly.

This easy-to-assemble greenhouse kit comes with six wired shelves (three on each side) and a roll-up door with zipper access so you can easily enter and exit the growing space. The portable greenhouse is 4' 9" length by 2' 4" width by 6' 4" height and is made of powder-coated metal.

For a while mini greenhouses have been rising in popularity, but this version is among the few that are portable and won't set you back hundreds of dollars. So far, this mini greenhouse has an average rating on Amazon of 4.3 stars, and customers are writing glowing reviews in their comments.

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So what will we grow? Citrus trees? Tomato plants? Some hydrangeas? The possibilities are endless. But for $39.99, maybe we'll buy two.