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Axxonn 2-in-1 Malaga Square Tile Top Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit/Coffee Table on Sale, Multicolor
Credit: Amazon

With July nearly upon us, we're guessing you've been spending a lot of time relaxing in your backyard. But when those melty hot days shift into cooler nights, we have two thoughts: 1) Boy, are we glad for this temperature drop, and 2) Pass the s'mores!

For the latter, may we introduce the lovely Axxonn 2-in-1 Malaga Square Tile Top Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit and Coffee Table, currently available on Amazon for $130.89. As Apartment Therapy recently described it, "On its own, the table has a ceramic tile finish that will add a stylish touch to your deck or backyard." And of its hybrid functionality, writer Elizabeth Entenman notes, "[W]hen you lift the lid, you'll discover a hidden fire pit that will take your space to the next level."

Of course, there's nothing quite like an indoor fireplace to keep you warm and cozy — but who said fires were only for winter? —and this outdoor fire pit adds an almost festive atmosphere to your yard or even a small patio whenever you light up a fire.

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Now, back to contemplating some important questions. Should we make campfire banana boats too? What ice cream will we serve with our s'mores?