The Royal Family shared a special video to mark International Nurses Day—and we love watching them connect with nurses around the world.

"On this International Nurses Day, my family and I want to join in the chorus of thank yous to nursing and midwifery staff all over the country and indeed the world," Prince Charles said in a moving video message from The British Royal Family shared on this year's International Nurses Day, Tuesday, May 12. We join the sentiment of gratitude for these selfless men and women who work so hard to help patients around the clock, 365 days a year. This year, especially, amid the coronavirus crisis, the May 12th observance seems like a particularly important tribute to these vital healthcare workers.

Though Queen Elizabeth does not appear on camera in the video, the tribute commences with a touching audio recording between Queen Elizabeth and Professor Kathleen McCourt, the president of the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation and Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing. "This is rather an important day,” the Queen comments of the commemorative holiday. “They [nurses] have obviously had a very important part to play recently," she says.

In addition to Prince Charles, the clip also highlights Kate Middleton and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, among other royals, connecting with nurses via video chat in various Commonwealth countries from India to Malawi. Prince William also speaks to a group of nurses in the video. Watch below.

Fans of the royals took to the comments section of the post to express their thoughts. "What a beautiful tribute! Lovely to see the nurses from across the commonwealth!" exclaimed one follower, while another chimed in with, "As a nurse from Canada, I greatly appreciate the kind words from our royal family. Long live the Queen."

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Another takeaway we have from this video? If the royals can spare a few minutes to reach out to some nurses, so can we. Whether it's writing a card, making a sign, or simply donating some meals to a local hospital, it's always a good day to express your gratitude to nurses.